About Us

Welcome to Millyani – Where Beauty Meets Passion!

Based in the picturesque province of British Columbia, Canada, Millyani is more than just a cosmetics and jewelry company – it's a dedication to beauty and a commitment to excellence.

Here at Millyani, we're not just passionate about cosmetics and jewelry; we're experts. Our team's fervor for beauty fuels our drive to curate and deliver outstanding products and services that exceed your expectations.

But our dedication goes beyond just delivering exceptional cosmetics – it's about you, our cherished customers. Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. 

Why named "Millyani," you ask? The answer lies in its profound meaning and origin. Derived from the native Hawaiian language, "Millyani" embodies the essence of a gentle caress or a tender touch. It symbolizes our commitment to offering products that not only enhance your beauty but also embrace you with care and tenderness.

Welcome to Millyani – Where Beauty Begins with a Gentle Touch.